Gods society


was created with Reactive,Power,Strength and love the pure intent to Protect , help, assist and benefit people in legitimate need. I and this organization have been blessed from numerous people inclusive of family and both sets of grandparents , Pastor Charles Briscoe , Mrs. Williams and many more some living and some have moved on to meet the Lord .My children are NOT qualified or involved Fact is grandfather and grandmother page intentionally transferred both their blessings to me so I would have exceptional , complete , definitively , and total control and final say on all page family situations . I created this with my grandparents with clear , definitive, detailed, planning, and, exceptional discussions and forethought.MY CHILDREN ARE  NOT IN THIS PROGRAM DESPITE THE NAME THEY HAVE NOT qualified or participated in the honor code and are “NOT” part of this program or active in activities, membership or benefits . If this changes I will notify you here.

Cross represents Christ who died on the Cross for our sins. Universe represents God in this name all creation and its creator in its total entirety, every minute of time we live by is based on the cross B.C. before Christ or A.D. after death.

This was created to help people by defending the defenseless, protecting the vulnerable(inclusive of the elderly protecting them. We help the naïve from evil , sinister , entrapment, plotting, lying ,manipulators. We help by providing for those with sincere & genuine needs. All based on The Lord Gods biblical principles . As discussed with my grandparents I created this as a secret society not because I’m ashamed of The Lord God but because of lessons learned